Bushukan didn't happen over night and it is a reality only because of many great people.  The following people and organizations donated significant time and resources to the building and development of our school. 

Amor Kaicho
Aidan, Chris & McKenna Corley
Dave & Frances Corley
Lori Corley
Mark Harada
Carl and Sherri Kizziar
Abram Letkeman
Galen and Amanda Mullins
Anthony Rhoad
Trinity Fellowship (our first home)
Mike Mooney and Alan Cain of Cain's Carpet Care (our second home.)
First United Methodist Church of Canyon (our third home)
Freedom Fellowship Church of Canyon (our fourth home)

And all of the students, parents and friends who have added their effort to the realization of a Ryukyu karate school in Canyon.

My apologies if I left anyone off. I am sure this list will grow.

Corley Shihan  

Thank You!