Belt Testing 


Congratulations and great job to all who belt tested in June, July and August.
 I appreciate your hard work and dedication. It's an honor to teach each one of you, and watch your growth as martial artists and as individuals.

 Renshi Corley

Congratulations!! Matthew Redekop, Jeremy Letkeman, Carl Kizziar, Marty Rhoades, Danielle Letkeman and Brandon Jones on earning their Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and Jake Neill and Zoe Kizziar for earning their Jr. Shodan (1st degree black belt). We are so proud of each of you - way to represent West Texas Karate. Bushido!!!

 August                                         July
    Porter Abbey                   Eli Cortez               Levi Mullins              Tyler Armijo         Camren Meason             Brown 3                           Yellow                      Yellow                         Blue                   Orange                                                         
 July                                                 June                               
     Jody Meason           Jospeh Peak      Grayson Winegarner     Grady Holstein          Renae Phelps                           Orange                     Yellow                        Yellow                         Yellow                     Orange